UX/UI, Product Designer & Web Accessibility enthusiastic based in Rio de Janeiro.

Hey, there! Welcome to my portfolio. Here you'll find some of my work as a Designer and also a little bit of my writing. Hope you like it 👋


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Descomplica's New Platform

A new way to learn. Easier, nicer and accessible. An easy, attractive and accessible experience.

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Accessibility for all

Owner, Designer & Mentor of a program to make the biggest online education platform in Brazil accessible.

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Let's go

Trip planner app for independent travelers. Find any information you need with 3 taps.

Jahde is smiling with her face slightly turned right, she has her hair tied high in a bun, she wears a gold earring in her ear, a collared blouse, and a strand of her hair falls over her shoulders.


Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I'm a 26 year old UX Designer with a huge passion about working to give the world the best of me. I believe we can create beautiful, powerful and accessible products. I work daily to spread this mentality in order to help people introduce those practices in their routine.

During my profissional life, I had the opportunity to learn from a wide range of areas which gave me a versatile knowledge — I've learned about coding, front-end, SEO, social media, marketing, audiovisual production, landing pages, product design, UX/UI, accessibility and many others.

Besides that, in my free time, I'm always studying the subjects I love — world history and languages. I'm absolutely passionate about traveling and I think studying a language is a way to get close to their people and culture.


Descomplica current

Product Designer, Owner of the Accessibility Program, 4 years and 9 months — Present

Freelancer Designer current

Designer, 10 years — Present


Chief Design Officer, 1 year

Gama Academy

Teacher of Web Accessibility

O Caderno de Ágata Blog

Designer, Developer and Writer, 7 months

Aventura Entretenimento

Social Media and Paid Midia Design intern, 3 months

Origem Comunicação

Art director, 10 months


Graphic Design focused on digital marketing

Bachelor of Design

UX Design, Information Architecture and Usability

Postgraduate Degree






French & Spanish


Arabic, Italian, Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) & Chinese

Elementary, beginner or just for fun


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